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AnyOption Special Features

AnyOption has been operated since 2008 and it is one of the most widely used binary options trading platforms. The broker is committed to provide an advanced and user-friendly trading platform. Here, let’s have a look at several special features offered by AnyOption. Traders can make use of these features to maximize profit and minimize risk.

Customize profit and refund

AnyOption special is that the broker provides traders

What makes AnyOption special is that the broker provides traders with the option to choose their preferred profit and refund.

In general, the payout rate and the return are pre-determined in binary options trading. For instance, a trader placed a trade with €100 and the payout rate is 70%. If the trader made a correct prediction and the trade ended “in the money”, he will get a return of €100 + €100 x 70% = €170. If the trader made an incorrect prediction, the trade will end “out of the money” and the return will be €0. In the case of “out of the money”, some brokers may offer a certain amount of refund. That is to say, a trader can get some money back even if he lose the trade.

AnyOption has this special feature which allows traders to customize the profit and refund. As shown in the above figure, there are five choices for the profit and refund. The profit ranges from 61% to 81% and the refund ranges from 5% to 25%. For example, a trader chooses 71% and 15% for profit and refund. If the trader made a correct prediction, he will get a return of €100 + €100 x 71% = €171. If the trader made an incorrect prediction, he will get a return of €100 x 15% = €15.

By using this special feature, traders can manage risks. If a trader made an analysis and was confident about his prediction, he can choose a high profit. On the other hand, when a trader was not sure if his decision was correct, he can choose a high refund. In this way, a trader is able to maximize profit potential while minimizing risk.

Take a look at other traders’ choices

Take a look at other traders choices

Now, we would like to introduce another special feature offered by AnyOption. It is named by the broker as “Trend”. This feature allows traders to take a look at other traders’ choices.

On the AnyOption binary options trading platform, in order to see the “Trend” feature, you need to click the icon at the right bottom corner of the trading interface. In the horizontal stacked bar (see the figure above), there two percentage values which show the current trading trends. The values change constantly. By reading the stacked bar, one can see how many traders are choosing “Call” and how many of them are choosing “Put” for the current trade. The figure above shows that 34% of the traders chose “Call”, while 66% chose “Put”.

You can use the “Trend” feature as a reference when you place a binary options trade. However, you should not take it as the only criterion. In order to increase your winning percentage, it is important that you conduct technical analysis in binary options trading.

Postpone the expiry time

Postpone the expiry time

AnyOption offers the “Roll Forward” feature which allows traders to postpone the expiry time of binary options trades. The terms and settings of the trades will not be changed. However, in order to use the feature, traders will need to pay a little extra money which is called “premium”. It can help traders to manage risks and increase winning percentage if used with care. Traders can also lose more investment funds when it is used inappropriately.

Let’s say a trader placed a binary options trade. The current trade is going to end “out of the money” at the time of expiry. The trader is offered the option to use the “Roll Forward” feature. He thinks that, given more time, the price movement trend will reverse, and then he used the feature to extend the expiry time. If the trader made the right choice, the trade will finally end “in the money” and the trader can get more money back. However, if the trader made a wrong choice, he will lose more investment funds.

Therefore, it is recommended that you think carefully before you decide to use the “Roll Forward” feature.

Trade bitcoin binary options

AnyOption offers the Roll Forward

Since 2013, AnyOption has been offering the crytpocurrency, bitcoin, for traders to trade binary options. On the AnyOption trading platform, bitcoin is paired with USD. The options are based on long-term trades. In general, a trader predicts whether or not the bitcoin price will touch or go above the target price at the expiry time.

If you are interested in bitcoin binary options trading, you can go to the “SPECIAL” section on the AnyOption trading platform. Before you trade bitcoin binary options, it is recommended that you learn and understand the basics of bitcoin.

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