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HighLow Features

About HighLow

“High-Low Australia” is one of the largest binary options brokers. You can withdraw money the next day. This international binary options broker has earned the trust of investors and it has many users all over the world.
It starts the new service in the FX field, called “spread on-demand” service which feature is twice 60 sec payout rate.
This broker gives you the security with the high payout rates and fast transfer so that it draws everyone’s attention. It is not just exaggeration. The more you know, the more attractiveness you feel toward this binary options broker.
The simplicity has both merit and demerit to binary options brokers so that you would better to know the general image of your trade style to make a profit in High-low Australia.
It shows excellent quality in the money withdrawing.
You can withdraw in next day if you apply for the bank transfer by 12 AM before the date.
I did it many times. Please see it to know the details.
The important thing is the facility to withdraw from binary options broker as you know.
That is the reason why High-low Australia is the trust-worthy corporation.
Compared to other binary options brokers, it is top level in the high payout rate, fast withdrawing, and simplicity.
People said that the majority of traders want to use this broker.
You do not need to open the account.
Besides, it is famous for “Quick demo” which you can get experience the one action demo trade.
We would explain to you how to use quick demo in “High-low Australia – Let’s start the demo trading!”, please read it to access the details.
It does not have the significant difference between the real account and the demo account so that you can try new tactics in the demo one.
We recommend this broker because it has a significant merit than others.
You can still use the demo account after opening the real one and have the option how to use this if you have any idea for trading.

Basic Information

Account Opening Processing Time5minutes Min Trade$10 Account Processing FeeFree Min Deposit$50
PayoutsUp to 88% Demo AccountYes RegulationASIC US Traders Allowed×
  • English
  • 简体中文
Deposit Methods bank transfers,Credit Card,Neteller
Withdrawal Methods Credit Cards,Neteller

Trading Instruments

The fastest transferring in Forex business and the safest services!

High Low – Australiaの取引画面

The safest binary options company without any worries in Forex business!
The transferring speed is the No.1 in Forex world. You can check the transferring condition at least in the next day you request!

★200% fixed payout rate !

We offer 200% fixed payout rate in exchange for setting the range from 0.1-0.8pips in the spread HIGH/LOW trading. It is an advantage in your trading when the volatility is high!

★188% payout rate in High & Low short period trade!

Our attractive point is the spread High/low and turbo although even High & Low and short period trading offer high rate, 188%!

★Your first investment only for $50!

The low budget trading is the feature of High-low Australia.
It starts only from &50 which is a very low hurdle for the beginning because it is important to start something easily.
It offers the free demo account to suit people who are interested in an investment.

★Special Application available

You can download iPhone & Android Applications after opening account.
You also use new PC’s trading platform now on 19th, which feature is 30 minutes option and high payout rates. Let’s check out and challenge the demo trading!


Open account/registration

If you jump to “High-Low Australia official Website” from our Web page, you will see the screen below.

High Low – Australia Account opening1

You fill your name and E-mail address for registration. You cannot change base currency later so that you should be careful of it.
Select “NEWXT: FINISH PROFILE” after filling.

High Low – Australia Account opening2

Then you will fill the detailed information. If you put wrong information, you may not open the account.
To prevent that, please fill in the information correctly.

The message comes in the registered E-mail address to tell you that your account is opened safely.
You need the user ID and password that you set in account opening process in next log-in so that please take a memo.

You need to “send your personal information” when you start trading.
If you want to start it immediately, it is better to prepare beforehand for convenience.

The merit –Not bonus, but cashback

High Low – Australia cashback

After registration and opening the account and then check your personal information, you will transfer the money to a trading account. Many companies give the bonus after putting money on your trading account.
Moreover, that kind of companies often has bonus rules and if you do not clear that, you may not withdraw it. However, High-Low Australia does not serve bonus. In exchange for that, they present you the cashback which does not have bonus rules.

That is the biggest difference from others.
High-Low Australia serves just up to 5000Yen although your mindset significantly changes without bonus rules. It is a subtle difference but also has significant meaning so that you should check and compare each other.

About High-Low Australia’s Campaign

$50 cashback campaign
High-Low Australia $50 cashback campaign

High-Low Australia holds the $50 cashback campaign for a trader who opens the account newly and put the deposit.

You can use this cashback in your trading. The trading money, equivalent to $50, is technically free.
The cashback in High-Low Australia does not have any rules in withdrawing money so that it will never bother you, which is the difference from others.

High-Low Australia the benefit of the point program
About High-Low Australia point program

There are 4 status(Player・Trader・Professional・Elite) in High-Low Australia, by the trading budget.
If your level is more than the “Trader,” you will get the point called “High-Low point” by the trading money amount.
You can use the High-Low point as a cashback next month in this point system.

The time limit of the point is one month after you get it.
Amount of point does not depend on win or lose, but the amount of trade.
The more you trade, the more cashback rates you get.
You can get up to 50,000 points in a month, meaning you can use 50,000yen in a month.
If you trade a lot, why don’t you try it!

Merit & Demerit

Higher payout rates, but less bonus amount that others

Advantage of High-Low Australia

As I explained above, “High payout rate” is apparently an advantage. The highest payout rates are twice, and it is more than 1.8 times in High-Low Australia.
If you compare to other brokers, you will find that it is high.
You may not feel enough benefit with just one trade, but it is getting bigger after you repeat your trades.

You cannot miss the “Fast transferring.”
The whole transferring process is so fast because it has been done next day after your request, which is overwhelming others, even an aspect of fees.
I can say that it is the most trustworthy company in these businesses.
The fast transferring can be achieved because High-Low Australia has “The Australia finance service license.”
It is not just self-styled license, but ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) issues so that it is the official one.
That’s why you feel secure in your trade.

If you are not sure, there is an option that you use quick demo account which is free to open, and you do not need to open the real account.
The demo account option is one of the advantages.

Disadvantage of High-Low Australia

The Disadvantage of High-Low Australia depends on each trader, but it may be “The amount of bonus is a little.” In exchange for that, High-Low Australia does not have withdrawing rules like other company set “Unless you do not trade with 10-20times more that bonus amount, you cannot withdraw money”.

High-Low Australia adopts “$50 cashback” because they want to avoid the trouble of withdrawing and make it easy.
If your priority is a bonus in the broker deciding, It can be the disadvantage.

If I‘m too meticulous, I can say more(I'm not!), but the rests are not big things.
In my opinion, High-Low Australia has fewer disadvantages than other brokers.
There are good brokers and lousy brokers in this world.

The strategy in High-Low Australia

I recommend you to use MT4 & MT5.

Golden Cross Technical Analysis High-Low Australia Death Cross Technical Analysis High-Low Australia

What is the best way to win in High-Low Australia?
Of course, Everyone should find own ways.
However, my strategy is that target the Golden Cross and Death Cross in “Moving Average.”
It usually makes trend after those crosses so that you increase the winning rate with targeting.

Even you cannot win with trading; you have to deal with the trend which more drastically moves and use “the parts without technical analysis like economic indicators” to trade simply.

Moreover, High-Low Australia allows you to “Resale” and “Loss cutting,” “secure profit” in middle-long term trade.

Secure High-Low Australia with a Financial license!

“ASIC” License issued.

Secure High-Low Australia with a Financial license

“ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)” issued the license to High-Low Australia.
It passed the check so that it is proofed a trustworthy company.

It is written on the Official Web page(Company).
When you check this, please make sure:
AFSL number = Australian financial service/License number
ACN = Company number (It is allocated in all Australian company by law)
ABN = Company Tax Registration number

Your fortune is secure with Lloyd’s insurance society!

The worldly famous insurance society and trading banks make this company trustworthy

secure with Lloyd’s insurance society!

Once you put money in the account, The most horrible thing is bankruptcy.
High-Low Australia joins “Lloyd’s insurance society” which is rare compared to others.
Lloyd’s insurance society is the international insurance market located in London and the very first company which makes the origin of casualty insurance.

Even more, High-Low Australia’s trading bank is National Australia Bank which ranks Top10 in the aspect of their trust in the world.
It is good proof that Money transferring is very fast.
If you start to be worried about something, it just does not end.
High-Low Australia avoids the risk to give you secure feelings.

“Make a benefit as much as possible in a great company without any problem!”

It is the most important, but at the same time, the minimum requirement on your trading.
It is always a better choice to use careful and trusted companies than bad ones.
They cannot do something terrible under the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Therefore, we can trust this company the most.

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Beginner binary option (“This site”) take the best effort to select and serve the information; however, it might contain unclear, wrong, inappropriate information.
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