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The flow of binary option

Let’s learn the flow of binary option.
Even if you are a beginner and do not know the investment at all,
it is useful and secure!!

The easy trade to reverse you image totally

When you listen to the “investment,” it sounds difficult.

Binary options are famous for relatively ease investing rather than others.

The environment of investment has been changed then the decades before, and you feel comfortable to trade with smartphone and tablets, not just PC.

Also, you can invest easier than the Forex.

If you are not rich, you can invest small money, which is the factor why binary options prevail now.

The Flow of trade

Let’s look at the flow of binary options trade in the actual process.

※I introduce it by the reference of the trading screen in High-Low Australia. Each broker has their methods.

Flow of transactions of binary options
  • ①:Select the trade rule

  • Each broker has their rules so that you need to think about that.

  • ②: Select the currency

  • Select a currency pair in the trade.

    ※currency pair is a two-currency for trading(e.x. USD/JPY, EUR/GBP).

  • ③: The chart screen

  • The selected pair of the chart is shown in the process ②. You can understand the current trend in the displayed graph.

  • ④: Select High & Low

  • Based on the start price, you prospect whether the rate is higher or lower in end of the time.

    It is a choice between two. Thus beginner traders can prospect it efficiently.

  • ⑤: Buy a ticket

  • You set the price for a ticket purchase in ⑤.

    ⑥ is the button for ticket purchase.

    When your prospection is correct at the end, you can get dividend with a ticket.

    ※Each broker has the maximum & minimum price for investment. You can choose in that realm.

That is the fundamental flow of a binary option trade. If you have done ①-⑥, all thing you need to do is just waiting. If you are correct, you will get the dividend by payout rates.

A little bit unique binary option trade


In middle-long term binary option trade, there are unique options like “resale” or “middle payout” though I have never seen that in short term binary options.

In short, when you pull out the option in the middle of the way, you cannot get full payout with this. However, you can increase the winning rate or decrease the losses.

You will know well when you access to “The resale method.” It is OK if you understand the word now.

Everyone talks about a short-term High & Low trade, but Binary options is more than that if you look at various brokers carefully

Beginner binary option (“This site”) take the best effort to select and serve the information; however, it might contain unclear, wrong, inappropriate information.

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