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High Low Australia

1 minutes on-demand service turbo debut in High-Low Australia!

Do you trade in High-Low Australia in 60 seconds? Do you trade in 30 seconds?


Both are the names of High-Low Australia. The differences are the names of the platform. I can explain differently depended on which one you use.

1 minutes on-demand trading are opened!

1.80 times payout in a minute

On 22nd, High-Low Australia started a minute trade which you tried with demo account from 15th Sep 2014. They just offered 3 minutes trade in short trading before, but they add one and five minutes trade now.

Traders used to say “We cannot trade in 60 seconds in High-Low Australia”, and choose other brokers. However, you do not need to do that now.

When 3 minutes on-demand trading started, it became the primary trading system. Now, the same thing will happen. All trader need to find the tactics to win this trade.

Resales in not allowed and it is until 24 hours

I have never heard that people use the resale technique in short period. Anyway, you cannot buy resales in one-minute trade of High-Low Australia. In short, there is no way to decrease the risks. Besides, you can trade in 24 hours so that you cannot utilize the time when the trend is hard to move.

Apart from no-resales and trading time, the pair of currencies is four types: USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD. You have to think the way to make a profit under this circumstances.

The priority of spread on-demand

High-Low Australia The priority of spread on-demand

The spread on-demand is pretty attractive because the payout rate is doubled in a minute. The shorter trade time makes a lot of position for traders. You can target them quickly as well. However, if you are worried about the width of spread, you do not need to trade. According to both advantage and disadvantage, you have to choose whether you buy or not.

There are some market you should target.

You can use the spread on-demand depended on the situation, which is the advantage. When you are confident about your trade, or you reckon that the market trend moves a lot, that is the time to use it. It is the same as the regular on-demand. If you are “Market follower against the trend,” you can get more profit.

The pair of currency also is a significant matter. If you always use stable pairs, you are better to try a volatile pair. The way of the spread on-demand is varied. Why don’t you try it once?

If you can catch the situation correctly and use short-term option trade with high payout rate, you can get a huge benefit.

The brand-new platform called turbo!

The trading screen changed form on-demand to turbo!

Many people already use this. The features are almost same, but turbo has the short term trade in 30 seconds. It is added as a new feature so that you cannot see it in on-demand.

Whichever you use, short-term trade is the best feature in binary options.

You can trade whenever you want to and see the result of the trade. Thus, the risk management is more straightforward. That is the point and charm of this platform. I recommend you to start with 60 seconds short trade at first.

You can choose the quick demo for free. It is better to use that if you prefer.

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