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High Low Australia

The method for trader who cannot win with High-Low Australia

The method for trader who cannot win with High-Low Australia

High-Low Australia offers the very high payout rates – it is twice. It has a variety of time option from short to mid-long. Also, you can resale it. As a result, I can say that it is the accessible trading platform.

Some people get a profit, on the other hands, others lose, which is quite reasonable in the investment. Let’s become a trader who wins.

The reason you cannot win with High-Low Australia

High-Low Australia is famous because the payout rates are twice in the spread high-low.

Recently, it starts on-demand trade which is short-term trade and that makes this broker more famous. However, many traders feel hard because the character is a little bit different than other brokers. The most challenging part is the out-range in the spread high-low.

out-range in the spread high-low

No matter how you expect the trend, if the rate is inside the range, you cannot get a profit, and it goes to the broker’s pocket.

The key in the spread High-Low which the payout rates are twice is how you clear this “out-range” trade because a lots traders lose with this.

So, I give you some hints below, let’s check it now.


Catch the feature of High-Low Australia and then think the tactics

Let’s think of the tactics for High-Low Australia. I said that it is the feature of High-Low Australia, it is all about out of range trade. Others are not so much difficult.

First and foremost, the exchange rate moves with repeating sideways trend market. You have to understand both features.

sideways trend and Trend market

Sideways trend
The situation of a market which fluctuates in the particular range of price value – it is sideways trade.

Trend market
The market goes to a particular direction – it is trend market.

The foreign exchange market is a vast market held around the world like New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and it technically does not stop anytime. In the foreign exchange market, it has three largest market: London, New York, and Tokyo market.

Especially, trades in London and New York are very active every day. When each market opens, that is the time when each trader comes in. After that, the market price changes quickly and it tends to be a trending market.

Let’s review it now.

foreign exchange market time

In conclusion, when the sideways trade does not move quickly, the spread high-low supposes to be inside the range. On the other hands, when the market moves actively, that is the time that you can target spread high-low. Do not invest as if it is gambling. You should trade with the knowledge of the market features.

Manage the lost method and the result

Manage the lost method and the result

How can we do to decrease unwilling loses? The method is easy. All you need to do is managing the result.

Even if you thought you use the wining method, and then you lose, it might be a lost method. It happens quite often, right?

When you correctly record that and do not try it the next time. You can decrease the lost with that. You can recognize how you tend to do something in your trade.

It is small stuff, but it makes the different result. Although it is hard to notice, why don’t you try it?

Please do not strain yourself too much on investing – The importance of quitting

Please do not strain yourself too much on investing

When you use a lost method, you often lose so that you tend to strain yourself. In that kind of day, you cannot win what-so-ever. Do not strain yourself too much.

I recommend that you use the surplus in your budget. Again do not strain yourself too much.

It is about your metal. If you trade, your mind peacefulness is quite essential. When you lost, you try hard to retrieve your lost. Do not panic with using your living money. Let’s use a surplus of your living budget and think “It is lucky if I win.” That is the excellent mentality on trading.

The mental pressure affects your trade a lot so that you need to be careful.

Follow the three things to increase your winning rate

I will tell you the three mindsets in the spread High-Low at last. When you cannot follow this, you should give up the highest profit in the spread high-low and be a market follower in the on-demand short trading.

1: Do not follow sideways trade.
As I explained above, I do not recommend. It is not always the sideways trade when the New York market and London market cross. If you thought that it is a sideways trade, you do not need to join there.

2: Do not gamble in the last minutes
The last minutes are the tactics to buy a ticket just before it ends. However, when the judging time is short, the range does not move so widely. As a result, it is going to be a disadvantage with out of range.

High-Low Australia – avoid the last minute's tactics in a sideways trade

Even if it is in a sideways trade, it is hopeless. You should avoid the last minute’s method with all efforts.

3: Resale in a trending market

After starting the trade, you buy a ticket and sell it in the middle of the way – it is one of the tactics. The profit decreases because you miss the last. However, when you decide it earlier, you can avoid the risk.

High-Low Australia – The example of resale in a trending market

In market’s trend, it is critical to buy a ticket just after the trade starts. If you are a beginner, it sounds a bit difficult. When you feel getting experienced, challenge it.

Let’s try the trade utilized with trend

Apart from utilizing a trend, there are several ways for investment. For example, we can expect the starting and turning point of the trend to maximize the profit.
I used it with MT4 to guess the market trend. I expected the starting and turning point of the trend with moving average and CCI.

expected the starting and turning point of the trend with moving average and CCI

I explain here quickly. The essential things are moving average and golden cross and the movement of CCI. A golden cross is that a short moving average goes up to a long moving average. On the contrary, a dead cross is that a short moving average does down to a long moving average. This golden cross is often shown in a starting and turning point. However, this trend is sometimes fake so that you need to be careful.

You can see whether a currency is overly bought or sold with CCI. In short, you can check the consequences of the flow. Each trader has their way to see the trend. If you find the way that you can believe the most, you will win.

There are many ways to guess the trend. One choice is to try demo trading for free in High-Low Australia. You do not need to register to work with demo trade so that you trade it very quickly.

It is not true that there is the absolute method to win. However, it is always better than having no idea to avoid the risk of a massive loss on your trade.

Even if you cannot win, do not go to expensive schools.

No matter how you try various techniques, you might keep losing. In that case, “Expensive tool,” “investment school,” or “investment seminar” which need a lot of payment fee might be tempting for you.

There is no such a way that you win 100% of the investment. In your trade, you sometimes lose, but you should not rely on this kind of expensive things. It might learn nothing from that. In short, it might be nearly swindling.

Except for them, it is quite risky to pay concerned with an investment.

When you cannot win, Let’s try another method with demo trade in High-Low Australia

There are several methods to trade. You should try them for quick trade rather than you start it in real trading first.

High-Low Australia – Start with demo trading first!

I do not know if it is helpful for you, but I explain how to use the quick demo and use it here.

Risk control is the crucial factor for a profit

Risk control is the crucial factor for a profit

If you do not feel that you win, it is because you lost more than win. You need to put the risk down before concerning about trends, resale, and avoiding sideways trade. It is attractive that you can get a considerable money once, but to be honest, you should trade one by one to win.

There is no definitive way to win on investment so that you need to know the risk to succeed in your trade. It is all about the rate of winning and losing. The basic is so easy before the various way of the investment. You always have to choose the best way to you rather than you are obsessed with the high-payout rate in High-Low Australia. Let’s distinguish what is needed or not for you!

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